SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 369 - SolidWorks World Prep

SolidWorks World Prep:

This podcast covers the steps to get prepared for the biggest CAD conference, mega training, and overall engineer geek fest there is!  Still trying to get there or not going at all? Not a problem. Topics covered:

- What SWW really is.

- How to get the most out of attending (plan, plan, plan)

- Resources and ideas to convince the powers that be to send you.

- What SolidWorks:HEARD! is broadcasting from SWW.

- Other resources to get SWW news and tips.

SolidWorks World is just 5 weeks away and the anticipation for those who have the "green light" on attending this years event it building.  In order to truly get the most out of this crammed-pack event with 185+ sessions and not even close to enough time to see them all is planning.  A lot of planning or else you will show up and be overwhelmed and wonder why you stood in the hall for 3 days with your jaw open!

For those who are still fighting the fight to get to this mega training extravaganza, SolidWorks has a great list of resources for you to help convince your management to send you.  Whether it is videos, podcasts or an old fashion letter, educating management that SWW is not a "trade show" but a "build-your-own" training boot camp by users for users.  Getting that "nugget" or awesome tip to help you out in your industry with your tool of choice can be the difference between joe-user and ROCK STAR!

Understanding not everyone can convince, trick, man handle, cagoule and maim their way to SWW12, I will be live blogging all the general session and posting live notes with Google Docs on sessions that I attend.  When I can, I will be streaming video from the floor and trying to interview some partners.  Go sign up for the live-blog and watch Twitter for hash tag #sww12.  I will also be posting notes to the SolidWorks:HEARD! Google+ page as well. ~Lou

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