SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 428 - SWW13 In Review


SWW In Review:

This podcast covers the highlights of this year's SolidWorks World Conference held in Orlando this past week.  After the general sessions, breakouts, partner booths and events, I am exhausted!  Topics covered:

- General Sessions

- Announcements and Speakers

- Breaksouts and Venue

- Partners and Events

- Overall vibe and closing thoughts

This year's SolidWorks World was the 4th I have been to in Orlando and my 12th overall and I am sorry to say it might have been my least favorite.  Not because it was uneventful or that the breakouts were not good...quite the opposite actually.  The user community brought their game, along with the resellers and SolidWorks corporate, making breakout sessions some of the best I have seen.

The disappointment, for me personally, was in the speakers.  Since 2002, my first SWW, they have always had the best speakers from Leonard Nimoy (Spok) to Steve Wozniak,  Richard Branson to James Cameron and one of my favorite, Jim Lovell and Gene Krantz (amazing).  These inspired us all, giving us insight into the greats in engineering and technology.

Despite the lack of major headliners, they did bring in some amazing research professors, the engineering team behind Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking free fall and the engineering team at Festo that made a mechanical bird fly around the auditorium. So uneventful?  No!  just less amazing than previous years past. ~Lou

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