SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 425 - SWW13 Coverage


SWW13 Coverage:

This podcast covers the various places you will be able to get the sights, sounds and news that breaks at this year's SolidWorks World conference in Orlando, Florida.  Topics covered:

- SolidWorks: HEARD! coverage options

- Other blogs covering the event

- Following on Twitter (#sww13)

- Photo stream on Flickr (group: sww13)

- Video posted to SolidWorks' YouTube Channel

- A quick peek at the top 10 list

Well SolidWorks World conference is just about 2 weeks away and this will be the 8th year that I have covered the event live in some way and personally my 12th time at this event.  I have been very fortunate to have been able to attend this show, thanks to DDi, but I have also an interesting perspective since much has changed with the conference in the past dozen years.

There is somewhat of a trend since about 2007 that there is a few new products announced over the general sessions.  This usually yields a few details of the next release of SolidWorks on Monday and a more comprehensive reveal on Wednesday.  They also tend to have fantastic speakers and special guests so it will be interesting who will grace the stage at this year's event.

I also will be trying to get a tip stream out as well as coverage of various breakouts the event has to offer.  If you are unable to attend this event, I would like you to head over to the user agenda and look up breakouts you would like cover and let me know which ones to cover.  I am only one, but I will do my best to get the most requested session out to you.  ~Lou

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