SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 470 - March Tech News

March Tech News:

This podcast covers the SolidWorks and CAD-related tech news that broke since mid-February covering the SolidWorks Blog, various tech alerts and other industry tech news. Topics covered:  

SolidWorks Tech Blog:

- The Future Generation of SolidWorks Engineers
- SolidWorks Composer Data Paths for Multip-User Environment
- ELECTRICAL TECH TIP: Adding Part Numbers to Electrical Components
- CircuitWorks and Flow Simulation Working Together 
- Communicate globally with SolidWorks Composer - Intelligent Views 
- New SolidWorks 2014 Weldment Profiles
- SolidWorks Buried Treasure
- SolidWorks: Replace Components Without Mate Errors
- Working with SolidWorks Files On A Network
- The ABC's of FEA as simple as 1-2-3

Tech Alerts:

Presentations for SolidWorks World 2014 are now available 

Support Monthly News:

- Spotlight on Features - Sheet metal: why are those cutouts stretched in the folded body?
- Spotlight on Features - Save auto-recover info after meshing and after running a simulation study.
- Noteworthy Solutions from the SW KB.

Industry News:

- Microsoft OneDrive launches with Dropbox-like bonus storage and a new Android App.
- Google I/O is back June 25-26 ...but you need to win a lottery to attend
- 5TB hard drives are here - From LaCie
Windows 8.1 Update 1 hits RTM
Dassault Systems invests $14.4M in NuoDB
Google Drops Storage Prices to Amazing Lows 

The tech landscape is alive and kicking and I feel like the tech is maturing at an even rate.  Products are getting updates, patches and improvements but no crazy new technology breaks yet.  As we head into the end of the first quarter of 2014, I am interested to see what the summer product announcements and developer's conferences will bring.

SolidWorks World 2014 proceedings site is up and all the presentations and videos are available for download and viewing.  Whether you attended an just couldn't go to certain sessions or was not even in San Diego that week, you have a resource to go in search of nuggets!

The SolidWorks Blog is covered with many marketing pieces on Mechanical Conceptual but nothing is yet out for the public as far as licenses or access as of yet.  A better part of the VAR channel is just getting a few fingers into it but no mass access yet either.  Hope to have more news as it's availability becomes more accessible. ~Lou

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