Bring It Stumpers!

Well as you may have heard I have voluntarily become one of the Chumps in the SolidWorks World breakout session in January of 2008. This is a new breakout session that Ben Eadie of SolidMentor has spearheaded that will be comprised of an open forum of users that can pitch their problems in front of a hand picked panel of self proclaimed SolidWorks experts. There will be about 8 of us that will be under fire to try to come up with solutions to these problems that have stumped these attendees of the session. In many ways this will be a similar to doing what those of us on the VAR side experience while performing tech support. I think in many ways this is the "Reality Show" of SolidWorks World since not one minute will be scripted.

This is essentially a live user group where you are going to bring your challenges with SolidWorks in hopes to find a solution or work-around. The big difference is usually in a user group there may only be one or two experts that would weigh in on your problem. At the STC session you will have 8 of us that hold well over 60 years of combined experience on SolidWorks and are from all walks of design. There is no better way to find solutions to problems then to get a group of geeks together that all enjoy finding the perfect fix!

I hope the session can bring solutions to many of its attendees in order to build the community that many of us on the panel contribute to. This is only one of the over 150 sessions that will be offered at SolidWorks World Conference. It is one of the largest 3D CAD conferences and a great place to network with other SolidWorks users and experts. Combined with all the training that is offered, it could be the most productive business trips out there for the SolidWorks user. This will be my 7th SWWC and I always come back with a few more tricks up my sleeve. If you want to attend start pitching it to your manager now!  It is time well spent and not a bad place to spend a few days during January! So I hope to see you all in San Diego!  ~Lou