SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 273 - Mobile Engineering Tools

Mobile Engineering Tools:

This podcast covers technology to keep engineers in sync with their data while on the go. With mobile computing becoming ubiquitous with smart phones, netbooks and even tablets like the iPad, engineers are using these tools as part of the design process.  Topics covered:

- Smart phones / NetBooks / Tablets

- File Sync Services (Mesh and DropBox)

- Online file storage ( and Google Docs

- Note / File sync (Evernote)

- Remote Desktop (RDP + VPN and GoToMyPc)

Whether it be Android, iPhone, Blackberry for smart phones or netbooks, tablets or the iPad, mobile computing is becoming a staple in our society, especially among tech savvy individuals like engineers.  We are all geeks (to some level) and want access to our engineering data and tools when on the go.  With many of these mobile devices carrying onboard broadband access, powerful web browsers and 1000's of applications for every task imaginable, engineering on the go is going to happen.

I recently bought an iPad, not just for the huge touchscreen or the killer movies I could watch on it, but the business impacts of being connected to my data via a thin, lightweight snappy device.  I have the ability to access all my email/calendar/docs via Google and my work desktop and servers via Remote Desktop.  I have even connected and launched SolidWorks to print a 3D part on the uPrint while sitting on my couch at home.  

I will followup up shortly with a post about my first impressions on the iPad but hope to shine some light on how mobility and engineering are the future. ~Lou

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