SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 327 - April Tech News

April Tech News:

This podcast covers the SolidWorks and CAD-related tech news that broke since mid-March covering the SolidWorks Blog, various tech alerts and other industry news.  Topics covered:

SolidWorks Blog:

 - ElliptiGO: Elliptical machine meets bicycle? AWESOME!

- Let's Go Design Project 2 done, use Post3D to tour

-  Bertrand Sicot challenged to pass CSWP by SWW12

- Sun + Grill = Warm Beer. SolidWorks Flow Sim to the rescue!

- Cane Creek, Rockin' SolidWorks for their headset designs

- 1000% production time savings, Howe and How they did it?

- 1483 parts in a watch? Yeah, that's what I said.

- Electric Atomik Fiat 500 conversion with 30kWh, keeping the backseat and trunk!

- Frustration - Not all pain in created equal

Tech Alerts:

- SolidWorks 2011 SP3 available for download

- Sheetmetal Design/Fab/Costing survey launched

- SolidWorks Enterprise PDM SP3 launched (then pulled for daylight savings time issue)

- SolidWorks Enterprise PDM SP 3.1 launched (fixed SPR 601234)

Support Monthly FAQ:

- Support Lifecycle overview (Eligibility/Service Packs/Hotfix/Support End dates) 

- Details about EPDM 2011 SP3 daylight savings issues

- IE9 support status

- Windows7 SP1 support status

- Simulation Loads/Fixture symbols not working on dual monitor setups

- New Knowledge Base Articles on config performance vs file size, Excel fonts and zoom, etc..

Industry News:

- COFES was this weekend, lots to discover at

As you can see from the list above, not too bad of a month for SolidWorks and CAD-related tech news.  It was a busy month and with the launch of SolidWorks 2011 SP3 and the launch/pull and launch of Enterprise PDM SP3/3.1, many of us racked up bandwidth points for sure.

SolidWorks Blog was busy with some interesting posts on case studies about very interesting products from eliptical bikes to 1483 component watches and 1000% savings in production time. Although case studies, in general, don't typically interest me, all of these seemed relivant, practicle and interesting, especially when they around around hobbies of mine! (cycling)

I have to applaud SolidWorks with the quick turnaround on Enterprise PDM 2011 SP3.1 since it did address a major issue for those that upgraded.  However I think it was those of us in the field that found this error since we upgrade right away for testing.  The introduction of the Monthly Support FAQ page on the SolidWorks Forums is a great addition, bringing awareness to the SolidWorks community! ~Lou

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