SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 376 - SWW12 Aftermath

SWW12 Aftermath:

This podcast covers the release of the February Support Montly FAQ as well as the aftermath reactions from SolidWorks World 2012 around the 2013 backwards compatibility and SolidWorks V6 platform (or lack there of) around the web.  Topics covered:

- SW Monthly Support FAQ

- 2013 to 2012 SP5 Backwards compatibility (sort of but not)

- 2012 SP5 access to visual and configuration data (cool)

- No translation or re-export (nice)

- No editing in 2012 |-(

- RickyJordan, RockSolidPerspective, Rob Rodriguez thoughts...

- SolidWorks V6 platform

- Reactions from Blogs

- DezignStuff - Matt Lombard

- Axis Blog - Rob Rodriguez

- CAD Insider - Roopinder Tara

- World CAD Access - Ralph Grabowski (in comments)

Although this year's SolidWorks World was a good time, it is interesting what pops up in the news a week or so after.  Since the Press group gets these exclusive sessions where questions can be asked, sometimes that results in some good nuggets that are withheld from the main stage.

This year it is mainly around the pseudo backwards compatibility that was show for SolidWorks 2013 and the lack of news about the future platform of SolidWorks illusively named SolidWorks V6.  Whether it is a platform for many "SolidWorks" branded products or the 3D modeler we saw on stage in 2010 in Anaheim, the public heard one sentenance by Bertrand Sicot in the first general session, "...we will debut the new platform next year...".

One thing is clear, the desktop version of SolidWorks as we know it today will remain the same as a parasolid-centric desktop tool and the V6 platform will be cloud-based and on the V6 kernel.  Although the press did get some further clarity on these topics, the details stop there and we will have to sit tight to hear details when SolidWorks is ready to talk. ~Lou

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