SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 404 - eDrawings Pro for iPad


eDrawings Pro for iPad: (404 File not found...)

This podcast covers my review of the newly released version of eDrawings Pro for the iPad that shipped at the end of last month.  I have had time to do some testing and want to share what this awesome feature set does for the tablet.  Topics covered:

- Overview of the new feature set

- How the new markup and measure tools work (options for both)

- Using the new cross section tool

- What has been improved from the original version of eDrawings

- Overall review and thoughts

Shortly after this product shipped, I did some testing of the existing features and what has been added to this new Pro version.  I wrote up my thoughts on the feature set, improved functions and my thoughts on price.  

SolidWorks has been slow to the mobile market with supportive apps for viewing and collaboration and the first attempt back in May was a start.  After SolidWorks opened up the suggestion box a number of requests came for the profession features like markup and measure in order to move this toy viewer into a real mobile client.

The last time I reviewed eDrawings for iPad I was hard on the fact that there was no version even in the plans for Android.  Although this is still missing and the stance has not changed, I will leave that topic alone in this show since I think the point is know by SolidWorks that this is a requirement for large SolidWorks community adoption. *Nuff Said!" ~Lou

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