SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 345 - Dropbox Library Sharing

Dropbox Library Sharing:

This podcast covers ways to utilize Dropbox, the cloud based drive/sync service, for keeping CAD data, libraries and other shared resources centralized and local to remove design teams. Topics covered:

- Dropbox signup, setup, options and plans

- How to share files and folders with other users

- Use and access Dropbox from inside of SolidWorks

- Possible libraries of SolidWorks good for sync

- Things to avoid for now..

- Apps to work with Dropbox to help

- ChatBox (Mac Only >;-) Windows coming!)

- WatchIT! Yahoo Gadget

Since getting on iOS, Dropbox has been a an integral part of my device requrements when it came to file sync. SolidWorks has so many libraries, templates, file locations, weldment profiles, etc, the local groups just place that content on the network and are good to go. What about those of us who are remote? Dropbox is a great way to get that content locally.

In adition to libraries, sometimes using it as a way to share CAD content crosses our minds. SolidWorks can use Dropbox's sync folder pretty well as long as SolidWorks is placed in a multi-user environment for use with assemby design. Although Dropbox does keep versions, it cannot be used to allow two users to work on the same file so avoid trying that...I already have.

Overall there are a few things that Dropbox could use to really become that missing link for remote teams and I talk to a couple, one of which I think it great but is not on Windows so make sure you tell them you want to see a Windows version soon! ~Lou

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